Patrice Bäumel's Impromptu Monologue

Before you cavalierly press play on the Soundcloud applet below, consider that this is not a DJ mix.  Not even close.  In fact, it is a sequence of unreleased original music that Patrice Bäumel performed and recorded live, completely on the fly.  We've always admired Bäumel's work and tasteful range as a DJ, but after two consecutive listens to this, we could now solidify his rank in our book as a masterful piece maker.

Bäumel commented on the creation and process: "I chose to not use a single existing track but produce and arrange the whole thing from scratch and on the fly using sounds that were floating around on my computer. It takes more effort than recording a traditional mix, almost like making a mini album, but it was a lot of fun and yielded a result that is totally unique and quite experimental in certain parts. The material is 100% unmastered but maybe that's part of the charm." 

Respect is also due to the folks behind the newly found Monologues Podcast for championing a fresh and exciting concept: their series invites artists to create a mix of music using exclusively their own material.  The next artist to be featured in the series is the very prolific The Dead Rose Music Company.

Linked below is unquestionably one of the best recorded music sequences we have heard all year.  It is absolutely genius.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.



Will Bankhead

Will Bankhead is a very interesting creative multi-talent. Globally recognized as a brilliant art director, photographer, writer, label head (TTT and Hinger Finger with Joy Orbison), and now garnering his due respect as a DJ.  He's our type of die-hard DIY dude.  For that and more, we respect him.  He is joined in this radio mix by  Ben UFO.

Photo by Will Bankhead. Click for more.

Photo by Will Bankhead. Click for more.

Here's one we would not let you miss in London.

Here's one we would not let you miss in London.

Check Out  The Trilogy Tapes , a place we love to visit.

Check Out The Trilogy Tapes, a place we love to visit.

Paul Murphy - Soul Call [Afro Art] - 2003

This is one of the countless gems that Danny Tenaglia turned me onto during his residency at Vinyl in NYC.  DT actually did a roller skating routine to this song (on the dancefloor) at the end of the very last party in that building. Somewhere on a dusty hard drive I have a video of it that I shot, I swear.

Enthusiasm: Kassem Vs. The Wizard

The name Kassem Mosse comes up a lot at our office and during our radio show, we're pretty big on the German wonder since around the time this tune came out on Mikrodisko.  Today's appreciation is based on observing the keen methods through which KM applies inspiration without ripping off the essence of a classic techno record.  All you sample-happy kids, pay attention.

Round 2: Two years earlier this was released by The Wizard.

Enthusiasm: Tevo Howard - Summer Romance + art b-side by Kutmah

What makes a great record even greater? When the record itself is art, of the visual kind, that is. In this particular case, the entire b-side of the record itself is a collectible piece of fine art hand etched by the English-Californian illustrator extraordinaire: Kutmah (whom we should mention, is also a very credible musician and DJ).  The record is the 3rd installment of SOTU's Art+Sound series of limited collectible pieces to be appreciated.  Only 300 of these were produced. 

So back to the recording.  Apart all the associated prestige, the record is a gorgeous and mature piece by Tevo Howard that should have probably been released around 1989.  It retains Tevo's signature analog glory while offering romantic ultra-deep techno.  For us, Tevo can do no wrong.  Just the other day, we were once again soaked by his brilliance while listening/watching him live on Boiler Room, working the life out of a 505 and 707.  Enjoy this here tune, close your eyes and pretend your driving down the PCH in a white Testarossa.

the "non-playable" backside of the vinyl record features a lovely hand etched work by Kutmah.

You can own one of these extremely limited copies by clicking here.

also notable, a twin duo from Turkey named Korkusuz made this delightful video to accompany the music.