Enthusiasm: Tevo Howard - Summer Romance + art b-side by Kutmah

What makes a great record even greater? When the record itself is art, of the visual kind, that is. In this particular case, the entire b-side of the record itself is a collectible piece of fine art hand etched by the English-Californian illustrator extraordinaire: Kutmah (whom we should mention, is also a very credible musician and DJ).  The record is the 3rd installment of SOTU's Art+Sound series of limited collectible pieces to be appreciated.  Only 300 of these were produced. 

So back to the recording.  Apart all the associated prestige, the record is a gorgeous and mature piece by Tevo Howard that should have probably been released around 1989.  It retains Tevo's signature analog glory while offering romantic ultra-deep techno.  For us, Tevo can do no wrong.  Just the other day, we were once again soaked by his brilliance while listening/watching him live on Boiler Room, working the life out of a 505 and 707.  Enjoy this here tune, close your eyes and pretend your driving down the PCH in a white Testarossa.

the "non-playable" backside of the vinyl record features a lovely hand etched work by Kutmah.

You can own one of these extremely limited copies by clicking here.

also notable, a twin duo from Turkey named Korkusuz made this delightful video to accompany the music.